Comic Con

Comic Con

Have you ever been to Comic Con?

Comic Con is a convention for Manga/Anime Fans and Cosplayers (that is to say people who dress up as their favourite characters) where they can buy and sell comics, admire each other costumes and meet actors of their favourite shows and video games. When most people think of Comic Con they think of two things. The first is San Diego where all of the big stars go and where the announcements for upcoming films are made. The second thing people think of are the cos players who have spent hundreds of pounds on their outfits. (If you don’t know what I mean type Cosplayers in Google Images)

London has its own Comic Con but it’s often overshadowed by San Diego. True, cosplayers at London do spend hundreds of pounds on their costumes, but there are some people who go in a Superman T shirt or just their civvies. There isn’t a dress code, capes aren’t compulsory. I’m not a massive Manga or Anime fan, Manga is a comic with Japanese origins and Anime is short for animation. Both of these art forms are aimed at adults as well as children. I don’t spend mega bucks on my costume. My mask cost me £20 and came with a Batman comic.

I’m the one on the right. Does anyone know the name for a group of owls?

I go to Comic Con for the comic books, most notably superhero comics from Marvel or DC.

What’s any of this got to do with writing? Aren’t comic books just pictures anyway? Isn’t it all just kid’s stuff? Granted, art is a key aspect of comic books but there are complex plots. I love nothing more than massive universes like Game of Thrones, the Marvel Multiverse and DC Multiverse offer just that. Writer’s should draw inspiration from everything and are constantly advised to read outside their comfort zone. Many people start reading comic books as children, I had a massive collection of Spider-Man comics when I was a kid. During my first year of uni I was reintroduced to the art form. Who wouldn’t want to swing between the New York skyscrapers or fly into out of space?

Comic Con is great for writers searching for inspiration, artists wishing to hone their skills and admire pieces of art, cosplayers for displaying their outfits, and a place for everyone to have fun.

I’ll ask again, have you ever been to Comic Con? What are your experiences and why do you go?

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  1. I’ve never been, but I know of it – it/they have a huge following.

    Can I confess that I knew it was you on the right – before your reveal?

    Great photo!

  2. Never been to Comic Con but enjoy the universes greatly. Additionally, comic books have been the most helpful tool for me when learning new languages. I bought a bunch of Donald Duck adventures in Germany and started reading. I didn’t understand much at first but quickly figured out a lot of words because the pictures showed me what was happening. The writing is basic, for kids, so it is a decent place to start.

    1. I had the same experience, Hugo. Someone gave me a French version of a Tintin comic to help me learn french for my GCSE. I hadn’t read Tintin before but the pictures helped me work out what was being said.

  3. I’ve never been but I too was a mad comic reader as a child! Until I worked out how to walk to the library by myself, my reading material was mostly a wide range of comics. Girl’s comics, I’m afraid, including a rather magnificent girl’s horror/spooky mag and I was a member of the magazine’s Supercats Club! I should think all the films being made at the moment based on comic characters just shows how imaginative and original they were/are, hence deserving of respect.

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