I finished my Creative Writing Degree with a 2:1.

I finished my Creative Writing Degree with a 2:1.

Great news everyone. I’ve finished my Creative Writing course (BA Hons) with a 2:1.

In September of 2012 I started my Creative Writing Course at London South Bank University. In my sixth form I was the only self-proclaimed writer, now I was amongst a group of likeminded individuals. You can image my feelings on my first day, a mixture of fear and excitement.

You hear tons of stories about University. Students living on cans of noodles for weeks on end because it’s the cheapest thing in the shops. Students practically living in the library during the exam season, otherwise spending most of the night partying and turning up to lectures the next day bleary eyed. I knew a friend of a friend who spent £2000 over two nights on drink in the local Wetherspoons. Stories like these do happen but they’re not as common as you might think. Most of the students I know spent countless hours into their work.  I was lucky enough to be put in a group that contained amazing people and fantastic lecturers.

The degree itself covered various topics I hadn’t considered. Interactive Fiction for example. Who exactly makes the stories behind video games? How do they do it? I created a game on Power Point in which you chose where to go by clicking on the correct link. As stated in the publications tab above, my play Captured was performed after our Writing for the Stage Module and The Minister’s Secret (on which I was the assistant producer) was dramatized after our Radio Play module. I published two pieces of work, a short story Urban Exploration and a review of John Green’s Novel Looking for Alaska on our literacy magazine The South Bank Review (The links for these can also be found under the publication tabs)  None of these successes would have happened if I hadn’t gone to Uni. Likewise the Writing the Novel and Short story and Prose modules improved my skill immeasurably. One of my short stories Tags was short listed in a competition after it was edited in my Professional Writing Practice Module (in this module it was also suggested that we start up writing blogs!)

I haven’t received my graduation date yet but we suspect it’ll be in October.  I’ll make a post about that afterwards. I’m chuffed by my 2:1 but now that I’ve finished Uni  I’m feeling the same emotions as on my first day. Fear and excitement for what comes next.

Uni results for blog
Exam Board Decision: SECOND CLASS HONOURS (1st Division)

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