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Metamorphose Fundraising

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Hello Everyone,

A few weeks back I announced that Metamorphose had decided to award my short story “Sher’s Wood” first place in their Science Fiction Category (due out in November). Their fundraising campaign has been restarted and since they have helped me in regards to editing and promotion I wanted to explain the work they do and how you can help them.

Metamorphose is an online magazine that publishes work of emerging writers in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre. They help first time authors through the process of editing and publishing as well as offering connections in the publishing world.  All of the workers at the magazine are volunteers and as such are not paid. The money made from submissions goes back into the magazine to help produce the next issue with high quality pieces of work.

Their current target is $1100. To help with this target they have asked their current contributors for quotes about their experiences at Metamorphose to be published in a press release that has been issued to the media. I’m quoted in their press release and it can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you wish to donate, you can by following this link to Metamorphose’s home page and clicking donate on the right hand side. You can donate as much or as little as you want to. While you’re there you can look around their website and learn more about them and the amazing work they do and perhaps send some of your own work in for their next issue?

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Metamorphose Seeks Funds to Offer Aspiring Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors a Home

Aspiring Authors Gather to Support Fundraising Efforts for a Magazine that Supports Them.

Madison, WI – August 31, 2015: 

More than 100 aspiring science fiction and fantasy authors submitted to Metamorphose’s Kick-Off Contest before the June 30, deadline. Their hope: to get published in the inaugural issue of a brand new magazine. Metamorphose launched in late 2014 to support these emerging voices, and is now raising $1,100 for 2016 to help pay for stories and craft articles, as well as upcoming programs. The Metamorphose Year Two fundraising effort started August 27 on Kickstarter, and ends September 26.

Though they had a slow start, there are now 18 new voices in the genres to be published in the inaugural issue in November. “Metamorphose has been outstanding,” says author Jack Dowd, winner of the Science Fiction Short Story contest. “They have kept me informed of all updates and they have been very supportive, and I appreciate all of their input and hard work. They have been a delight to work with.”

Jack isn’t the only author benefitting from Metamorphose’s movement. More authors will soon be published on the website, and the submissions continue to roll in. “I received such an overwhelming response from writers looking to break into the science fiction and fantasy short fiction markets that I felt like I couldn’t ignore them,” says Metamorphose founder and Senior Editor Tammy Davies. “Aspiring writers are banging on electronic doors, looking for someone to open up. So here I am, opening the door for them.”

Despite the demand from authors, Metamorphose has a minimal budget, which means little or no pay to authors and little room for future growth. To remedy this, Metamorphose is fundraising to cover base costs for 2016. Most of the budget is dedicated to payouts for authors published on their website and in the print journal. Anything above that budget the staff has promised to dedicate to outreach programs (Publisher Roadbuilder, Educational Breakout, Indie Worldbuilder, and Con-nection) which focus on helping aspiring authors of every age find success.

About Metamorphose

Metamorphose is primarily an online magazine, with a selective focus on unpublished authors in the science fiction and fantasy markets. Their aim is to publish 4-8 stories and craft articles, and one breakout book review on the website every month. If fundraising is successful, they plan to promote a novella in their 2016 annual issue, in addition to paying authors for their hard word. Metamorphose’s primary purpose is to help aspiring writers break into the market by offering them a more exclusive home.

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