Review Spectre

Review Spectre

There’s been a lot of hype around the latest James Bond film Spectre (admittedly not as much as Skyfall) and I’ve just seen it in cinema. Here is a spoiler free review. Enjoy!

Spectre logo
The head kind of looks like the Spiderman mask, don’t you think? Who knows what SPECTRE stands for?

First of all the opening song Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith is fantastic. Here’s a link for the song if you haven’t heard it already. To me it summons an image of a broken or frantic bond, no longer in control.

Bond is on top form. He visits various countries around the globe, shoots tons of people of drives fast and expensive looking cars. The action scenes, car chases and fist fights are perfectly choreographed. There are plenty of throw backs to previous Bond films as well so viewers can chuckle, nudge each other in the cinema and say ‘I remember that.’ The plot is brilliant too. I won’t spoil it here but it’s absorbing, well paced and memorable.

I have three main problems with the film. In my opinion the plot wasn’t as powerful as Skyfall. Skyfall was amazing and I think the best Bond film in a while. When the two films are compared Spectre falls flat. Point number two Andrew Scott’s talent as an actor was wasted. He plays a brilliant Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock and most of James Bond opponents have a flair for the dramatic. He would have been the perfect bad guy on his own. Instead he becomes a sub plot and has very little screen time. They could have done so much more with him. My third and main issue with Spectre is the new bond girl Léa Seydoux who plays Doctor Madeleine Swann. She is completely useless! She helps Bond in one fight scene (and even then she mucks it all up) and at the end of the film she drives a boat for a little bit. That’s it. That’s literally it. This isn’t Léa Seydoux’s fault of course.  I think the main problem was her character didn’t have a lot of room to develop in the script.

Apart from that Spectre is a brilliant film and if you have a chance go and watch it.

I’ll give the film 007/10.


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  1. I quite enjoyed it, but felt they tried to get too much in and as a result, only touched the surface with some plot lines and characters.

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