Merry Christmas and Hibernation

Merry Christmas and Hibernation

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season with their family and friends.  We put the the Christmas tree and decorations last week so it feels like Christmas now. Some people say Christmas starts in December, other say it’s when you see the Coca Cola advert on TV, for me it’s when the decorations are up.


Like a hedgehog curling up into a ball I’m putting this blog into a hibernation to re-emerge in January. I started this blog in May shortly after leaving University. I’ve had fun writing it and hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading it. I’m going to be busy over the Christmas and New Year period so you won’t see much of me. The plan is to buy a premium package for this blog, update and improve the site over late December and early January and then resume postings for the rest of the year. I may be resurfacing to review the Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Husbands of River Song” and the Sherlock episode “The Abominable Bride” but  the site should return to normal in January.

So what‘s going to be different? I have a plan of what I want the blog to look like but I don’t know whether that’s feasible or not with the Premium package. If not I’ll have something similar. The upgrades will include:

  • A new web address.
  • No adverts cluttering the page.
  • A better design making the website easier to navigate.
  • Perhaps a drop down menu at the top of the page (near the current tabs for Publications, FAQ and Contact) for the three different categories of posts: Writing posts, Reviews and Odds and Ends.

No doubt there will be more changes when I see what options are available to me. As for content I have a long list of topics I want to discuss and several topics I want to return and add to.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016.

See you in the New Year,


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