Preparations for novel launch

Preparations for novel launch

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.

If you’ve been following me on social media or if you’re a loyal reader of this website you’ll know that I’m nearing completion on my novel, Empty Nights. As such, I’m now making preparations for the marketing and launch, arranging interviews, organising reviews, etc. The plan is to have a countdown to a live Facebook video in which I can publicly release my novel. I’ve decided to pause my contributions to the Write Up Our Alley YouTube Channel I work on and now I’m pausing content on this website for the time being. This is so I can dedicate all of my effort and focus onto the launch. I’ll still be online, I’ll be posting to my personal Facebook account and to my author Facebook page and I’m going to continue uploading to the Starting as Strangers Vlogs but the next post you see should be on here will be novel related. Once my novel is published and I’ve had time to recharge I’ll return to publishing my usual content.

It’s exciting times and I’m glad you’re all here to share it with me.

Many thanks,



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