I believe in the Book Fairies

I believe in the Book Fairies

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday 14th August I was walking to work, lost in my own world when I discovered a book left by a group calling themselves The Book Fairies.

The Book Fairies are a worldwide organisation that spread their love of books by leaving them as presents for strangers. They asked me to write a short piece of how I found their present (it was a copy of The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman) which you can find linked below:

A Book Finder Story: Jack in London

I’ve also signed up to be a Book Fairy for the day and leave copies of Empty Nights around London as presents for future readers. That’ll be happening in September, date to be confirmed.

Please check out the fairies website as they do lots of great stuff and keep an eye on this website as I’ll have some more updates on Empty Nights soon.

Take care.

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