Five Year Website anniversary

Five Year Website anniversary

Happy anniversary!

Hello everyone. I wish we could celebrate this milestone under better circumstances.  Five years ago today I created and published my first post on this website. I won’t go into too much detail about that moment because I spoke about it not that long ago in February when I celebrated by one hundred and fiftieth post. I will say that when I started this website I didn’t realise that it would still be running five years later.

If you have been watching and reading at any point in the past (quickly checks Google) 1826 days, I thank you.

I don’t have any new content to share at the moment but I can provide you with a quick update from myself.

Work on my novel manuscripts has been paused and I’ve not written any short stories this side of twenty twenty. The main reason for this is due to a lack of mental energy.  I’m currently working from home which has caused several challenging and complicated issues. These are hard times, I’m not going to be too harsh on myself.

There have been some positives. I’ve have been scheming/plotting multiple projects. I have plotted out four different TV shows in great detail. I highly doubt that any of these TV shows will ever be produced but that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed plotting them, it’s kept me busy. I’ve joined several online writing groups groups, one of which is lead by a writer that I really admire. What I’ve really found inspiring in these dark times is other writer’s and artists using their skills to inspire others.

Health wise, I’m fine. I’m social distancing as much as I can and I’m taking my one walk a day around the local park. Although most of my family are happy and healthy we do have one family member in hospital following an emergency operation. This isn’t COVID-19 related but it is going to be life changing. The virus has claimed 30,000 lives at time of writing but the Government are now talking about easing lockdown and re-opening some business and schools. It seems as if I won’t be returning to the office until September but of course this isn’t confirmed. To quote someone off the telly (I can’t remember who) we’re currently living in “the new normal”.

If the relationship between my website and I was a marriage, we would be celebrating five years which would involve some kind of wood related present. Here’s a pen I have with my name engraved in the wood. I hereby re-gift (as it was originally a present for my twenty first) this pen to myself.


Finally I’ve searched through my website and picked out my top five posts.

You can re-read these articles by clicking on their titles below:

5 – Spitfire Review: Doctor Who Series 11

As I say in my introduction paragraph I use to write Doctor Who reviews all the time on Facebook before I moved them to this website. I think this was the most detailed Doctor Who review and most detailed Spitfire review I have written.

4 – Five authors who grew to hate their own creations.

I had such fun researching and writing this article it’s always stuck in my mind. I love the fact that Agatha Christie though Poriot was a ‘detestable, bombastic, tiresome egocentric little creep”.

3 – Top five stolen ideas 

I always try to find the best entires I can for my top five lists. Whereas sometimes I struggle to find the fourth or fifth entries when I have an initial idea, all of these points came into my mind in one go. I particularly like the similar stories between Superman and Howard the Duck in the first entry.

2 – Top five fictional animals and their real life inspirations

I loved researching this article. I knew half the story of the real Winnie the Pooh but learning the complete tale was delightful. Dumbo was morbidly fascinating and the real Leo the lions, lions I had seen countless times but not paid a second thought to, was brilliant.

1 – My novel Empty Nights is available now

For obvious reasons. The proudest moment of my life.


If it’s okay with everyone I shall treat myself to a little vodka tonight. Take care and please stay healthy.


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