Goals for 2021

Happy New Year. I hope you welcome 2021 with open arms. It can’t be worse than last year…. can it? Needless to say, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic won’t magically disappear overnight. A wise old wizard won’t snap his fingers and end lockdown. Although a vaccine is now being circulated we will still be remote working for some time and I can not say when things will return to normal or if they ever will. Maybe supermarkets will ask you to wear masks now? Maybe office workers can choose to work from home? Who knows what the new year will bring? As you may have noticed  I have re-vamped the website slightly. We have a cleaner layout, the tabs at the top of your screen have been merged and updated and since WordPress was updated at the latter end of last year, I’m finding new tools to use in the body of the articles themselves. If you notice other small changes the next you log in, it will be be me working in the background. Last year I set three New Year’s Resolutions. They were- 1 – Edit two novel manuscripts  2 – Visit more of the world 3 – Consume more media I only achieved the third goal but there was a global pandemic going on. Because I am uncertain what will happen this year, I think making new year’s resolutions would be unwise. My only goal this year is to keep this website updated at least once a month. I may be quiet on social media but please be assured that I am still writing. I hope this year brings you all you want it to and more. Take care.

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