2021 review

2021 review

2021. The year that the world was suppose to return to normal. Ha!

Welcome to the end of 2021, everyone. How have you all been? Normally in this sort of post I would discuss what my goals were for the year, explain if I met them or not and then speculate on the next year. However, because 2020 was so unpredictable I thought it unwise to commit to any targets for this year. This will be a short post.

For me, a majority of 2021 was spent in a similar manner to 2020. I spent eight months working from my dining room table with my laptop plugged into a second monitor and a headset resting around my neck, answering calls from concerned and upset students.

While I’ll admit that while working from home does has its benefits, the highlight of my year was 1st September when I returned to the office full time. I love working in the office, I find I have much more freedom than working from home, less interruptions and less distractions. I’m more productive when I work in an office environment and (although I enjoy complaining about them) I also enjoy my commutes. Even though I’m surrounded by strangers it allows me time to read a book, watch Netflix, listen to Audible and have a bit of me time. If you are unaware, most offices across the UK are now operating on a Hybrid Working Model in which employees spend several days working from home and several days in the office. It’s a good compromise between Remote Working and Physical Working but, due to the nature of my job, I was told that I had to return to the office Monday to Friday, nine to five. For me, that was the ideal outcome.

Words can not express how much returning to London means to me.

I also began writing again. Since returning to the office I’ve been editing short stories and plan to submit them to various competitions in the new year. While those stories are being judged I plan to complete another draft of my second novel, The White Wasteland which I eventually plan to publish. I’ll talk about this in more detail in my 2022 post.

As you may have noticed this website has undergone some changes. These changes will continue into the new year and should result in complete redesign. I want to update the theme, declutter the widgets along the side of the page and make the interface more user friendly. When you return in 2022 things should look a little different.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and you’ll see me in the New Year. Take care and have a good one.

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