2022 review

2022 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of 2022. These twenties really aren’t roaring, are they?

Let us reflect upon my goals of the year.

1 – Move into my own flat

I’m still living in the family home. Although I came close to moving out several times, on each occasion it fell through for various different reasons. With hindsight however, I’m glad I didn’t move out. As you may have noticed we’re currently experiencing a cost of living crisis.

When the economy is in better shape I can resume my search but until then I’ll continue to save up.

2 – Complete a draft of my next novel The White Wasteland

I didn’t complete a full draft but I achieved a fair bit. The reason I didn’t meet my target was because I kept going back and re-editing my work as I was writing it. It’s an terrible habit to get into. As I re-read my work the quality slowly nosedives. Not to worry. I have forty thousand decent(ish) words which is forty thousand more than I had in January.

Now for the real challenge, the editing.

3 – Read/listen to more books

Achieved. I’ve listened to more books on apps like Audible and Big Finish Productions than I’ve physically read but this doesn’t detract from my goal. I find audio books easier than physical books as I tend to read/listen on my commute when I’m either not fully awake or exhausted from work.


You’ve probably noticed by now that the world, once again, seems to have gone to shit. There’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the renewed famine in Africa, conflict over Taiwan, a global energy crisis, the rise of the far right, an unprecedented drought, food shortages, the ramifications of Brexit and the cost of living crisis plus a few more issues I’ve neglected to mention. In these dark times that we need stories more than ever. Stories to remind us that there are glimmers of light and hope in the dark. To remind us that the bad times doesn’t last forever. We have to be greater than what we suffer.

Tell this cruel world to fuck itself by being kind. Especially to yourself. Don’t lose your light.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you next year when I’ll talk about my goals for 2023.

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