Flash Fiction Story published with Yorick Radio Productions

Flash Fiction Story published with Yorick Radio Productions

Hello all,

One of my flash fiction stories, Black Star, has been published by Yorick Radio Productions. My story is one of three in their latest podcast episode which can be found by clicking the link below, on iTunes or other podcast distributors.


I wrote the first draft of Black Star all the way in 2014 as part of my Radio Writing module at London South Bank University. It consisted entirely of dialogue with different coloured ink indicating different character’s dialogue. After graduation I reworked the piece until it became a more traditional short story. The title was inspired by the Avril Lavigne song of the same name.

I’m really pleased to see this story has reached an audience after nine years of sitting on my hard drive. I hope you enjoy it.

Please don’t forget to listen to the other episodes of Yorick Radio Productions on their podcast. They cover lots of wonderful topics including documentaries on the world of theatre, Scintillating Stories, Page Parle (Interview with authors), Radio Revelry (performing radio plays), Cosy Critiques and Under Construction (feedback on submitted work). They have been tremendous fun to work with and produce top quality episodes.

A link to their homepage can be found below:



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