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I'm a twenty four year old (dyslexic) writer from England. I live just outside London. I hope you enjoy reading my work just as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Does the modern world need a 007?

With No Time to Die finally out in cinemas and Daniel Craig’s era of James Bond concluding, today I am addressing a very important question about the character…  does the modern world need a 007? There is no denying the impact James Bond has had on the film industry and the impact he has made …

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Top 5 authors who regretted publishing their novels

Somebody asked me a very strange question the other day. ‘Jack, do you regret publishing Empty Nights three years ago?’ The answer, quite simply, is no. I’m still tremendously proud of my first novel but I’ll admit that there are things I would do differently. For example I would publish via a traditional publisher instead …

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Top 5 real stories that are completely false

Here is a strange fact about the human mind. If you tell yourself a lie over and over again eventually you will come to believe it. For example, citizens of North Korea believe ridicuous lies about their ruler (such as he found a unicorn lair) because they have been told the lie repeatedly over several …

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Top 5 unmade Doctor Who episodes

On Monday 7th July 2007 The Guardian labeled Russell T Davies as the fifteenth most powerful player in the media industry. Although you have to question the use of the word “player”, many would say that Doctor Who was at the peak of its popularity at this time. With the two spin off shows, Torchwood …

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Top 5 missing episodes of Doctor Who

On December 31st 2020, to round a dreadful year off, all episodes of Doctor Who broadcast since 2005 were removed from Netflix. This is something many Doctor Who fans feared but expected as Britbox, who currently own all classic episodes of Doctor Who, had previously shown interest in owning the complete collection. Despite this purchase, …

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Languages in the Star Wars universe

I love languages. That doesn’t mean it is easy for me to learn new languages (just ask my old French teacher) but I do love studying them. Here are some statistics for you: There are over seven thousand recognised languages spoken on Earth today. Out of these seven thousand languages half of the world’s population …

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Top five Easter Eggs in Literature

Happy Easter, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I don’t normally take much notice of Easter. I’m not religious and I don’t enjoy chocolate so I normally just enjoy the extra long weekend. There is one kind of Easter egg I do enjoy, Easter eggs in films and literature. I’ve spoken about …

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Five surprising origins of fictional mascots

Full disclaimer. I wrote this article while I was hungry. We don’t generally consider mascots as characters in their own right and maybe that’s a shame.  These mascots, particularly if they are humanoid in appearance, often have a detailed backstory that is overlooked by general members of the public. Here are the surprising origins of …

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Top 5 Fictional places that may have existed

The word Wanderlust is defined by the English Dictionary as a strong desire to travel. I think it is fair to say that many of us in the UK are experiencing Wanderlust at the moment, myself included. In 2017 I published two website posts about fictional places you could visit in the real world. You …

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Five science fiction gadgets that have become reality.

If you believe the adverts on TV, January is normally the most exciting month of the year. You can exchange unwanted Christmas presents in the January sales and make a bargain, you can plan out your goals throughout the year and if you don’t enjoy Christmas then you can celebrate the fact that things are …

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