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I'm a twenty four year old (dyslexic) writer from England. I live just outside London. I hope you enjoy reading my work just as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Apr 24

Adaptation article published.

Hello everyone, Do you remember my post on adaptation from November of last year? I’m happy to say that the magazine company Kishboo contacted me about the article and yesterday published it on their website. You can read it here

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Apr 13

Spoilers and speculation

http://i.giphy.com/r72i5db1GTBmg.gif Before I started using this website, I used to review my favorite TV shows on my Facebook status. Shortly after the Sherlock episode His Last Vow was broadcast I made a status showing how I felt about a certain plot twist. One of my friends left a comment moments later containing two words.

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Mar 27

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. A spoiler free review.

  Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was released recently to mixed reviews. The critics loved it and hailed it as one of the greatest superhero films of this year. The fans however did not share that opinion and said it was a train wreck. I’m in between these viewpoints. Here is what I think …

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Mar 21

Inspirations: The British Museum

The British Museum is a treasure trove of inspiration for writers. There are countless artifacts housed inside and it is a wealth of knowledge for historians. Some of the artifacts are more notorious than others.

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Mar 13

The right to be offended?

I think this is the closest I have come to writing a rant. Last year I worked as an assistant in a job centre. My job was to help members of the public complete forms, edit CVs and Covering Letters and to search for jobs on line. One day I entered the computer area and saw two …

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Feb 29

Five fictional characters inspired by real people

Some fictional characters are so incredible and outlandish, it is difficult to believe that they are based on real people. Yet, this is the case for some of our best loved characters.  Here are five famous characters and their real life inspirations.

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Feb 14

Lexical Gaps and Lacunas.

It is said that a child raised in England should be able to speak English fluently by the time they are twelve years old. The English Language is an incredibly hard language to master but it’s by no means the hardest. According to the BBC the hardest languages to learn for a native English speaker …

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Feb 12

Review: Star Wars Episode Seven The Force Awakens

Today is Star Wars Day (May 4) and what better time to review the latest Star Wars film Episode Seven The Force Awakens?  When I saw the film in the cinema last December I was amazed and now the DVD has been released. Be warned, the review below contains spoilers.

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Jan 31

Inspiration: Aldwych The Abandoned Tube Station

The first thing you notice about Aldwych station is its age. The ox blood bricks stands out against the city landscape. The surrounding buildings (mostly owned by King’s Collage London) are engraved with stone dragons and gargoyles, most of their walls are a sand colour making the station stick out like a spot of acne on an otherwise unblemished skin.

Jan 16

New Year’s Resolutions

I feel like this.

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