Category: Inspirations

Here are a list of events, locations or people I've experienced, visited or met that I think could be inspiration for anyone. Feel free to have a read.

Apr 22

London Oddities

London is my city and despite the delayed trains and miserable weather I’m proud to call myself a Londoner. I also pride myself on knowing some of the city’s secrets. Takes these as writing prompts or just enjoy their existence.

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Mar 21

Inspirations: The British Museum

The British Museum is a treasure trove of inspiration for writers. There are countless artifacts housed inside and it is a wealth of knowledge for historians. Some of the artifacts are more notorious than others.

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Jan 31

Inspiration: Aldwych The Abandoned Tube Station

The first thing you notice about Aldwych station is its age. The ox blood bricks stands out against the city landscape. The surrounding buildings (mostly owned by King’s Collage London) are engraved with stone dragons and gargoyles, most of their walls are a sand colour making the station stick out like a spot of acne on an otherwise unblemished skin.