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Sep 16

Review: The Dark Tower

I’m a massive fan of Stephen King and although I don’t plan to watch IT (I’m not a fan of horror films) I have seen The Dark Tower adaptation. When I heard that The Dark Tower was finally being turned into a film I was excited… and apprehensive. Stephen King’s adaptations have an infamously chequered history. …

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Aug 26

Spitfire review: Camden Fringe

I’ve always wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I want to visit Scotland, many writers and artists I admire perform or have stalls at the festival and it sounds like an incredible experience. Sadly I’ve not had the opportunity. In late July 2017 I discovered the Camden Fringe festival, a very similar experience …

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Jul 15

Review: Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe

I’ve wanted to watch a Shakespeare play being performed at the Globe Theatre from the time I first entered the building many years ago.  There was also a chance I could see some of my favourite actors (David Tennant and Catherine Tate were performing in The Tempest at this point in time) but the tickets …

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Jul 01

Doctor Who Series Ten Review

Hello Everyone, Doctor Who series ten has closed the TARDIS doors on the Moffat era. This news might delight or devastate you but this post is here to review series ten as a whole. If you want to read my thoughts on Steven Moffat and his writing please read my open letter found here. (This …

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Mar 26

Spitfire Review: Daisy in Chains

I’ve started downloading audiobooks to listen to on my commute. I have an 8th generation iPod Nano and with apple headphones that have a play/pause button under the right earpiece. I’ve enjoyed listening to audiobooks in public, the only time I’ve struggled was on the tube and the train was too noisy, but this isn’t …

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Mar 11

Spitfire Review: The Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Hello everyone and welcome to another Spitfire Review. This time I’m reviewing The Hate List by Jennifer Brown. The Hate List was first published in 2009 and has won several notable awards and received critical acclaim. The focus of the book is on the aftermath of a school shooting in America. Val is trying to put her life back …

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Feb 18

Spitfire Review: Confessions of a Sociopath by M. E. Thomas.

I bought my first copy of Confessions of a Sociopath when it was released in 2013. When I’d finished reading it I lent the book out to a friend who failed to return it. This, of course, is an unforgivable sin and although I’ve since lost contact with the said friend I’ve yet to forget. …

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Jan 08

Spitfire Review: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight

Hello everyone and welcome to a new type of review, a Spitfire Review. Spitfire Reviews are short reviews on books I have recently read. They could be classics, modern bestsellers or a book I particularly enjoyed reading. The first book I’ll be reviewing is The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. Let’s begin…

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Dec 15

The 501st Legion and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Spoiler Free Review

If you are a Star Wars fan you would have heard of the 501st Legion. In universe they are a garrison of Stormtroopers that later became known as Vader’s Fist. In the real world they are a fan group who dress up as Stormtroopers and promote/attend Star Wars events. The 501st descended on London last Thursday …

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Aug 28

Review/Interview: The Wrong Kind of Clouds by Amanda Fleet

I have had the pleasure of reading Amanda Fleet’s  recently published novel The Wrong Kind of Clouds and interviewing the author herself. Mild spoiler alert.

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