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Jan 15

My top ten books

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good start to 2017. Still kept those New Year Resolutions? I received lots of books for Christmas (I’m very easy to buy for. Books, stationary, anything along those lines) and it occurred to me that, apart from briefly mentioning a few titles in my FAQ tab, I’ve …

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Nov 26

Writers and Mental Health Issues

Update – 01/10/2017:  Betterhelp is an mental health counselling company who offer online sessions to anyone dealing with mental health issues. Their website is full of free advice, regarding a wide variety of problems including depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. You can also ask to be paired to a councillor who can speak to you through …

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Oct 26

Runners up for Metamorphose’s Magazine (Volume Two)

Hello everyone, As you may have seen from my Facebook and Twitter posts, my short story The Orc is the first runner up in the Fantasy Short Story category in Metamorphose’s Magazine, issue two.

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Oct 23

Top Five Famous Literary Monsters

It’s Halloween month and in the next couple of posts we’re going to be examining anything horror related. Today we’re counting down my top five famous literacy monsters, examining their origins and impact on the modern world.

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Oct 16

Writing with Dyslexia

It’s almost ironic, isn’t it, that I can’t spell dyslexia… Someone recently asked me on a forum about being a dyslexic writer and I think it is an interesting topic to discuss in depth. I’ve covered this topic briefly in the About Me tab which can be found at the top of the page but I want to talk …

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Oct 08


Welcome back to the final post about Symbols, Theme and Motif. Today we’re studying Motifs. Casual readers may have an understanding of what a symbols and themes are but motifs are a little trickier. Put simply a motif is an object or idea that repeats itself.  They are very easily confused with theme and symbols.

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Sep 25


Welcome back to my three-part series about Symbolism, Themes and Motif. Today we are focusing on Themes. What counts as a Theme, how can a theme be found and used? Google defines the word Theme as “The main idea in a piece of prose that can be directly or indirectly stated.” In laymen terms, what is …

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Sep 11


Welcome to my three-part series about Symbolism, Theme and Motif. Each week we’ll be examining one of these ideas, looking at examples and how they can be used in writing. This week we’re starting with symbolism, intentional and unintentional and how they can be interpreted by different readers. What is a symbol? A symbol is …

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Aug 14

Five More Fictional Places you can Visit

We have discovered that Hogwarts, The Floating Mountains from Avatar and Tatooine from Star Wars are all visitable locations on Earth. While doing research for that list I found far too many locations not to mention. Here is part two of Five Fictional Places you can visit.

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Jul 30

Five Fictional Places you can Visit.

Many famous fictional locations seem so fantastical and outlandish that it seems impossible such a place could exist on Earth. While some creative licence has been used, the inspiration for these locations are open for the public to see. Here is a list of five fictional locations you can visit.