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Jul 17

Five more fictional characters and their real life inspirations.

Five months ago I made a post about the inspirations behind five fictional characters, the link can be found below. Originally that post contained ten entries but I thought that would be too many and cut the post in half. This is part two. Enjoy.

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May 15

Censorship and Banning Books

Recently the ALA (American Literacy Association) released a list of the top ten most frequently challenged books in American schools and libraries. By challenged I mean books that a member of the public has asked to be removed. Here is the list and the reasons behind the complaints…

Apr 13

Spoilers and speculation Before I started using this website, I used to review my favorite TV shows on my Facebook status. Shortly after the Sherlock episode His Last Vow was broadcast I made a status showing how I felt about a certain plot twist. One of my friends left a comment moments later containing two words.

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Mar 13

The right to be offended?

I think this is the closest I have come to writing a rant. Last year I worked as an assistant in a job centre. My job was to help members of the public complete forms, edit CVs and Covering Letters and to search for jobs on line. One day I entered the computer area and saw two …

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Feb 29

Five fictional characters inspired by real people

Some fictional characters are so incredible and outlandish, it is difficult to believe that they are based on real people. Yet, this is the case for some of our best loved characters.  Here are five famous characters and their real life inspirations.

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Feb 14

Lexical Gaps and Lacunas.

It is said that a child raised in England should be able to speak English fluently by the time they are twelve years old. The English Language is an incredibly hard language to master but it’s by no means the hardest. According to the BBC the hardest languages to learn for a native English speaker …

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Dec 20

Fan Theories

Fan theories are theories made by fans (hence the name) about novels, TV shows or films that explain certain elements, solve plot holes or are more enjoyable that the official explanation. None of these theories are true but they are considered to be Headcannon by many fans and they’re a lot of fun to think …

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Nov 29


Let’s talk about Canons. By canon I don’t mean metal guns used to blast people into little pieces. I mean something official in a timeline of events.

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Nov 23


Adapting a book to a film can be a very difficult process. Not everything is going to reach the final script, you have to choose what to keep, what to ignore and where to add your own bits in. Sometimes it can be a masterpiece or it could become a disaster. Let’s talk about it…

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Nov 08


Fans. Not appliances to keep ourselves cool. I mean admirers, fanatics, devotees, enthusiasts, groupies. For many of us our fanbase (if you can call it that) consists of family members, friends and loved ones. People we know. Celebrities on the other hand have fans they have never met or even know exist. Some of these …

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