Oct 08

Inspiration: Street Art

Last week this status was placed on the fourth plinth on Trafalgar Square.


The statue is called Really Good and was created by artist David Shrigley. it is suppose to bring a positive vibe to the city but it’s received mixed reviews on social media.

Personally I’m not a fan but I’m not normally an art person. Art, for me must serve a purpose. An historical oil painting of Henry VIII was made with the purpose of portraying Henry as powerful to his foes. The purpose of a landscape piece is to put the viewer in awe of the artists skill. Some pieces of art  tell a story. Forgive the cliché but a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Oct 08


Welcome back to the final post about Symbols, Theme and Motif. Today we’re studying Motifs.

Casual readers may have an understanding of what a symbols and themes are but motifs are a little trickier. Put simply a motif is an object or idea that repeats itself.  They are very easily confused with theme and symbols.

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Sep 25


Welcome back to my three-part series about Symbolism, Themes and Motif. Today we are focusing on Themes. What counts as a Theme, how can a theme be found and used?

Google defines the word Theme as “The main idea in a piece of prose that can be directly or indirectly stated.” In laymen terms, what is the point of the novel? What is it trying to say?  In children’s books these themes are often moral lessons and are quite clear. In adult books themes and moral lessons can be harder to find.

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Sep 11


Welcome to my three-part series about Symbolism, Theme and Motif. Each week we’ll be examining one of these ideas, looking at examples and how they can be used in writing. This week we’re starting with symbolism, intentional and unintentional and how they can be interpreted by different readers.

What is a symbol? A symbol is something that means something else. Here is a literal example.

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Aug 28

Review/Interview: The Wrong Kind of Clouds by Amanda Fleet

I have had the pleasure of reading Amanda Fleet’s  recently published novel The Wrong Kind of Clouds and interviewing the author herself. Mild spoiler alert.

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Aug 28

Fiftieth Post

This website has been running for just over a year and has reached fifty posts. This post is just to mark the occasion.

You might have seen this tweet I created a while back…


Yes, I have ideas for future posts planned for the next twelve months. Apart from last minute posts such as reviewing a best seller, announcing any competitions wins or publication details, interviews or anything else I’m fairly certain I can achieve my plan. I also have ideas on how to update the website with a more user friendly theme and perhaps other features.

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Aug 14

Five More Fictional Places you can Visit

We have discovered that Hogwarts, The Floating Mountains from Avatar and Tatooine from Star Wars are all visitable locations on Earth. While doing research for that list I found far too many locations not to mention. Here is part two of Five Fictional Places you can visit.

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Aug 04

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It was inevitable I was going to review this, wasn’t it?

The latest Harry Potter book is out. Sadly my copy was not delivered by owl on Sunday (to quote Vernon Dursley “There’s no post of Sundays“) but instead arrived via Amazon on Tuesday. As most people know I am a massive J K Rowling fan but is her latest book worth the hype?

Be warned this review contains mild spoilers.

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Jul 30

Five Fictional Places you can Visit.

Do you want to spend a weekend in Hogwarts or would you prefer to have a stroll through The Shire?

Many famous fictional locations seem so fantastical and outlandish that it seems impossible such a place could exist on Earth. While some creative licence has been used, the inspiration for these locations are open for the public to see. Here is a list of five fictional locations you can visit.

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Jul 17

Five more fictional characters and their real life inspirations.

Five months ago I made a post about the inspirations behind five fictional characters, the link can be found below. Originally that post contained ten entries but I thought that would be too many and cut the post in half. This is part two. Enjoy.

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