Jul 15

Unexpected publication

I’ve had something published… but it isn’t a story.

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Jul 01

Doctor Who Series Ten Review


Hello Everyone,
Doctor Who series ten has closed the TARDIS doors on the Moffat era. This news might delight or devastate you but this post is here to review series ten as a whole. If you want to read my thoughts on Steven Moffat and his writing please read my open letter found here. (This review will obviously not take into account the 2017 Christmas episode which will be the last Doctor Who Episode written by Steven Moffat)

Warning: Review contains major spoilers for Doctor Who series 10!

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Jul 01

An open letter to Steven Moffat

Dear Steven Moffat,

I think it’s fair to say that you have caused controversy regarding your writing of Doctor Who and Sherlock on the BBC. At the height of your controversy you seemed to split the viewers of these shows into two groups, Pro-Moffat and Against-Moffat. Please understand that I’m not exactly Against-Moffat but I do think that some of the controversy is justified.

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Jun 16

Top five fictional animals and their real life inspirations

Animals are brilliant.


You can’t hear Echo singing her motorboat song in his picture but trust me she was.

Animals fascinate us. They provide us with comfort and love and yet we understand very little about them. We’re still learning about animals and children learn about our world from animals in children’s books. This has given rise to many popular animal characters but have you ever thought about the real life counterpart of these famous fictional animals? I’ve conducted some research and found the answers surprising.

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Jun 03

Top five stolen ideas

Have you heard the saying “Good writers borrow, great writers steal”? According to my research it’s an Oscar Wilde quote but another website says it’s a rewording of a Picasso quote “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Another source says that the original quote is from T S Elliot, “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal”. This proves the point the quote is saying, almost all work is stolen in one way or another.  While that may be true there are some ideas and works that have literally been stolen or are straight rip offs. Here is a list, in my opinion, of  the top five interesting stolen ideas.

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May 21

Creative Licence

When does a story turn into a tall tale? 

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May 07

Five insane writing accomplishments

Writers have a reputation of being… a bit different. We carry notepads and pens with us at all times, we eavesdrop on people’s conversations in the hope of finding inspiration for a story and don’t even look at our internet history. Honestly, I googled best places to hide a body for research in my novel, I swear!

Even within writing circles some writers are a bit more… different than others. Peter Jackson the Screenwriter and Director of the Lord of the Rings films hates wearing shoes and socks while working. Franz Karka would exercise in front of his window naked before he sat down to write. According to rumour Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code would hang himself upside down, like a bat, in order to beat Writer’s Block. In this post we’ll be examining writers who have completed significant achievements for their work.

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Apr 22

London Oddities

London is my city and despite the delayed trains and miserable weather I’m proud to call myself a Londoner. I also pride myself on knowing some of the city’s secrets. Takes these as writing prompts or just enjoy their existence.

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Apr 09

Top Five Controversial Novels

Sticks and stones can break my bones but…

Whenever I write I never aim to deliberately offend anyone. I work with the understanding that some people will be offended but that is inevitable. Alice in Wonderland was banned in China because it is gives animals the ability to speak. The Harry Potter series has been accused of  promoting black magic and witchcraft, even Where’s Waldo is banned in certain parts of the globe. Some authors thrive off controversy as it helps their sales figures.  Intentional or not, here is a list of five controversial novels and the effects they had on the world.

Disclaimer: I’m not promoting any of these books.

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Mar 26

Spitfire Review: Daisy in Chains

I’ve started downloading audiobooks to listen to on my commute. I have an 8th generation iPod Nano and with apple headphones that have a play/pause button under the right earpiece. I’ve enjoyed listening to audiobooks in public, the only time I’ve struggled was on the tube and the train was too noisy, but this isn’t a review on audiobooks. This is a Spitfire Review of Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton.

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