Sep 16

Review: The Dark Tower

I’m a massive fan of Stephen King and although I don’t plan to watch IT (I’m not a fan of horror films) I have seen The Dark Tower adaptation. When I heard that The Dark Tower was finally being turned into a film I was excited… and apprehensive. Stephen King’s adaptations have an infamously chequered history. Some like The Green Mile, Carrie, It and The Shawshank Redemption (credited by some as the perfect film) are spectacular. Others such as Maximum Overdrive, Cell and The Graveyard Shift are complete misfires. Where does The Dark Tower lie on this spectrum?

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Sep 10

Five authors who grew to hate their own creations.

Have you ever written a Facebook status or a composed an important email, pressed send and then noticed a mistake in the text? It’s mortifying. This feeling is even worse when you call yourself a writer and people expect all your written work to be of top quality. Like Frankenstein rejecting his monster after its birth, these writer choose to distance themselves from their creations… or try to. Here are five authors who grew to hate their own creations.

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Aug 26

Spitfire review: Camden Fringe

I’ve always wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I want to visit Scotland, many writers and artists I admire perform or have stalls at the festival and it sounds like an incredible experience. Sadly I’ve not had the opportunity. In late July 2017 I discovered the Camden Fringe festival, a very similar experience in Camden, London. I found a copy of the Camden Fringe booklet, circled the shows I wanted to watch and while I couldn’t attend every show the ones I did see, I’ve reviewed below.

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Aug 13

Top five mythological creature that were real

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence is rumoured but unproven. How brilliant is that?

“Were unicorns real?”

“Yeah probably.”

Case closed.


Many creatures we consider mythical were either real or inspired by real creatures. Here are five examples:

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Jul 30

The dark inspirations behind five popular fairytales

Fairytales are suppose to be innocent bed time stories we tell children to ensure they  suffer no nightmares. Fairytales are also credited as being timeless stories,  passed on from generation to generation. Every story starts somewhere and the true stories behind some of our fairy tales are… disturbing. Here are the dark inspiration behind five popular fairytales.

Trigger Warning

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Jul 15

Review: Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe

I’ve wanted to watch a Shakespeare play being performed at the Globe Theatre from the time I first entered the building many years ago.  There was also a chance I could see some of my favourite actors (David Tennant and Catherine Tate were performing in The Tempest at this point in time) but the tickets were bought almost instantly. A few months ago I was browsing their website and saw that tickets for Romeo and Juliet were available. Seeing as it was one of the Shakespeare plays I knew I instantly brought a ticket.

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Jul 15

Unexpected publication

I’ve had something published… but it isn’t a story.

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Jul 01

Doctor Who Series Ten Review


Hello Everyone,
Doctor Who series ten has closed the TARDIS doors on the Moffat era. This news might delight or devastate you but this post is here to review series ten as a whole. If you want to read my thoughts on Steven Moffat and his writing please read my open letter found here. (This review will obviously not take into account the 2017 Christmas episode which will be the last Doctor Who Episode written by Steven Moffat)

Warning: Review contains major spoilers for Doctor Who series 10!

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Jul 01

An open letter to Steven Moffat

Dear Steven Moffat,

I think it’s fair to say that you have caused controversy regarding your writing of Doctor Who and Sherlock on the BBC. At the height of your controversy you seemed to split the viewers of these shows into two groups, Pro-Moffat and Against-Moffat. Please understand that I’m not exactly Against-Moffat but I do think that some of the controversy is justified.

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Jun 16

Top five fictional animals and their real life inspirations

Animals are brilliant.


You can’t hear Echo singing her motorboat song in his picture but trust me she was.

Animals fascinate us. They provide us with comfort and love and yet we understand very little about them. We’re still learning about animals and children learn about our world from animals in children’s books. This has given rise to many popular animal characters but have you ever thought about the real life counterpart of these famous fictional animals? I’ve conducted some research and found the answers surprising.

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