Write Up Our Alley

In December 2017 I joined the Write Up Our Alley group. The aim of this group is to dispel the myth of what being a Writer is like in the modern world.  The group consist of writers at various stages of their writing careers from across the globe.

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month I upload a video to the Write Up Our Alley Youtube channel talking about some aspect of writing and updating everyone with how my writing is going. Please find my videos below:


Video 5:

Title: Tour of “My Library”

Publication date: 14th January 2018


Video 4:

Title: 2018 goals

Publication date: 31st December 2017

Video 3:

Title: The history of one of the most famous and beloved fictional characters in the world…

Publication date: 21st December 2017

Video 2:

Title: Four reasons why today is a very important day

Publication date: 17th December 2017

Video 1:

Title: Hi, I’m Jack.

Publication date: 3rd December 2017


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