Here is a list of all my published work in reverse chronological order. Where possible I have added links for to view the material.

Appearance in article The Magic of the Book Fairies. 

On December 20th an article in which I was interviewed by Nicole Gallucci was published on The link to the article is below:

Reading at the Brixton Book Jam

On December 3rd 2018 I took to the stage at the Brixton Bookjam and read out the first chapter of Empty Nights. You can hear my talk my clicking here! 


NaNoWriMo 2018 winner

In November 2018 I completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge by writing fifty thousand words over thirty one days. You read about my achievement by clicking here.


Novel publication

On September 1st 2018 I published my first novel Empty Nights. You can find details on my novel in the tab at the top of the page titled Empty Nights or by clicking here.


Guest post on Amanda Fleet’s website

On August 28th I wrote a short piece called Perseverance in which I told the story of my journey to publication which was published on Amanda Fleet’s website. You can read the article in question by clicking here.

Interview in the Bexleyheath News Shopper 

On August 21st an article about me, in promotion for my book launch, was published. You can fine the article below or by clicking here.

The Book Fairies

On Tuesday 14th August I discovered a copy of Phillip Pullman’s novel The Subtle Knife wrapped in a blue ribbon on Gray’s Inn Road. This was a present from the Book Fairies and they asked me to write a few words of my discovery on their website.

A Book Finder Story: Jack in London


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My Short story, The Elixir Men, was selected as an Honorable Mention in Metamorphose magazine volume three. The magazine was published on  7 November 2017 and can be found on the link below:

The Independent 

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A photo I took and posted on Twitter was republished in the Independent Newspaper. The photo was of a Game of Thrones quote to promote the return of the seventh series during the July 2017. The Independent article can be found here:


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My short story “The Orc” won first runners up in Fantasy Short Story category of the Metamorphose magazine volume two. The magazine was published in November 2016.The links to issue two can be found below:

Paper Version:

Kindle Version:


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On 23 April 2016 Kishboo kindly published my article on adaptations in issue #7 of their magazine. You can read the original post below:

On 23 October 2015 my short story Tags was published in the Kishboo online magazine issue #5. There was a public vote to decide on the position of my story within the magazine. Votes were decided by the number of likes Tags was given on the Kishboo Website and email submissions sent to the editors. Voting closed on 18 December 2015 and Tags was awarded 7th place.


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On 17 July 2015 it was announced that my short story Sher’s Wood had won first place in Metamorphose’s Science Fiction Short Story Competition. On 03 November 2015 the first issue of Metamorphose was released. The cover art was inspired by my story. The links to the issue can be found below:

Paper Version:

Kindle Version:

 The Southbank Review

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The Southbank Review is the name of an online magazine my cohort designed and created in our final year at London South Bank University university in 2015. Two pieces of my work, a short story called Urban Exploration and a review on John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska, were published.  Since their publication the website has been updated with the class of 2016’s work but the link to both my articles still remain.

Urban Exploration

Review of John Green’s Looking for Alaska

The Minister’s Secret

I was the assistant producer in The Minister’s Secret a radio play written by Matthew Huggins in 2014. I helped the director and writer, assisted cast and crew members during recordings and supported the production team in the sixty plus hours of editing. The final piece can be found here:

The advert for the Minister’s Secret is available on YouTube


In November 2013 my play Captured was performed at the Chelsea Theatre in London to a positive response. I was involved in casting the actors, liaising with cast and crew, assisting the director and selling tickets. My play was part of a collection of eight, written by my Creative Writing colleagues at London South Bank University.

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