Unexpected publication

I’ve had something published… but it isn’t a story.

On Thursday morning I was passing through King’s Cross/St Pancras underground station when I spotted this sign by the ticket barrier.


I took a quick picture and carried on to work. On Friday morning I uploaded the picture to Twitter adding #kingscross and What I didn’t realise was that lots of other commuters at King’s Cross had also taken pictures of these signs and that my tweet had become part of a Twitter Moment. Throughout the day my phone was buzzing with Twitter notifications. My original tweet had been liked and retweeted resulting in more likes and retweets. It gained several more hashtags such as #Gameofthrones7 #Londonunderground and #Lannister. A reporter reached out to me and asked if he could use the picture and credit me in his article. I agreed and the article was picked up by the newspaper the Independent. The link can be found below:


This was a nice surprise considering I don’t have any work ‘out there’ at the moment. I’ve returned to my novel and plan to finish that before submitting to competitions again.  At time of writing my tweet has 520 likes and 1082 retweets,  I’m going to go ahead and call it a cheeky success. 😉



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