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Nov 05

Honourable mention in Metamorphose’s Magazine volume 3.

Hello everyone, If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen that Metamorphose have published an extract of my short story The Elixir Men on their website, linked below:

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Oct 31

The inspiration behind five iconic monsters

Happy halloween! To celebrate halloween I’m running through the inspiration behind five iconic monsters. Ready? Set? Go!

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Sep 10

Five authors who grew to hate their own creations.

Have you ever written a Facebook status or a composed an important email, pressed send and then noticed a mistake in the text? It’s mortifying. This feeling is even worse when you call yourself a writer and people expect all your written work to be of top quality. Like Frankenstein rejecting his monster after its …

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Aug 13

Top five mythological creature that were real

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence is rumoured but unproven. How brilliant is that? “Were unicorns real?” “Yeah probably.” Case closed.   Many creatures we consider mythical were either real or inspired by real creatures. Here are five examples:

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Jul 30

The dark inspirations behind five popular fairytales

Fairytales are suppose to be innocent bed time stories we tell children to ensure they  suffer no nightmares. Fairytales are also credited as being timeless stories,  passed on from generation to generation. Every story starts somewhere and the true stories behind some of our fairy tales are… disturbing. Here are the dark inspiration behind five …

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Jul 15

Unexpected publication

I’ve had something published… but it isn’t a story.

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Jun 16

Top five fictional animals and their real life inspirations

Animals are brilliant. Animals fascinate us. They provide us with comfort and love and yet we understand very little about them. We’re still learning about animals and children learn about our world from animals in children’s books. This has given rise to many popular animal characters but have you ever thought about the real life …

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Jun 03

Top five stolen ideas

Have you heard the saying “Good writers borrow, great writers steal”? According to my research it’s an Oscar Wilde quote but another website says its a rewording of a Picasso quote “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Another website says that the original quote is from T S Elliot, “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal”.

May 21

Creative Licence

When does a story turn into a tall tale? 

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May 07

Five insane writing accomplishments

Writers have a reputation of being… a bit different. We carry notepads and pens with us at all times, we eavesdrop on people’s conversations in the hope of finding inspiration for a story and don’t even look at our internet history. Honestly, I googled best places to hide a body for research in my novel, …

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